Welcome.  I am your host, Jen, and here you can find a hodge podge gathering of book reviews.

Librarian by day, I also do other exciting things such as: drinking tea; cycling whilst looking silly in lycra; eating biscuits; complaining about the weather;  complaining that there aren’t enough hours in the day to do the job I love, and read, and write, and eat all the biscuits in the world.

Mostly though, I read books and this is where I review them. I say ‘review’ but really it’s just an excuse for me to tell the world about the books I love and harass people into buying them.

You may notice there are only glowing reviews here. That is partly that I just read a lot of amazing books. It is also because reading is subjective. I don’t want to besmirch an author’s good name just because I thought their book was a steaming pile of turd. What is one person’s turd is another’s diamond. Silence speaks volumes.

Enjoy, and please feel free to leave a comment or come and throw some abuse and/or biscuit chat my way on the socials.